Katy Stickland

Deputy Editor

You can moor in the heart of the city when cruising Newcastle. Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Mooring a boat can be difficult for even the most experienced yacht owner, and for those who are just starting out on their boating journey it can be a, frankly,…

Double amputee single handed sailor Dustin Reynolds on his boat as it sails under a blue sky

Dustin Reynolds has become the first double amputee to sail solo around the world via the Panama Canal. Thom D’Arcy meets this inspirational skipper

A flare being put into water

Out of date flares can be disposed of at a flare disposal day at Brighton Marina. There will also be a chance to have lifejackets checked by the RNLI

Boat VAT is liable on boats that have been cruised outside of the UK and EU for over three years

Yachting Monthly experts help you unravel the new regulations in relation to the thorny issue of VAT following the end of the Brexit transition period