When it’s time to let go - a confession by Jonathan Baynton


The scene: a family flotilla holiday with my two daughters and my wife in the Ionian.

The brief from the flotilla skipper in order to anchor fore and aft for the beach barbecue was to drop the kedge anchor three boat lengths from the beach, nose in until the bow just touched, drop the bow anchor then pull back slightly with the kedge.

I prepared the kedge carefully on the transom, attached its rode to a cleat, motored slowly towards the beach, and kicked the kedge into the water.

It was then I noticed the rode had jumped off the cleat so I grabbed it, unfortunately just as the kedge bit.

Stupidly I didn’t let go but performed a beautiful backwards flip off the stern leaving my wife to grab the helm which she did with aplomb.

I surfaced from my ignominy with cheers and laughter from the other crews in the flotilla who had already anchored successfully. Our first and hopefully our last man over board.



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