Pooch ban at Ramsgate

Pets, with or without passports are not being allowed ashore from craft visiting Ramsgate in Kent.

Clipper fleet cross the Greenwich Meridian

Having had the excitement of crossing the Greenwich Meridian yesterday today sees the Clipper fleet sailing into western hemisphere and crossing the longitude of their home towns

Transpac sprint to the finish

The tactical pas de trois among Pegasus, Pyewacket and Chance in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race has taken off into a headlong sprint to the finish and a possible rare…

Inland waterways this weekend

The the project to regenerate Britain’s neglected waterways is turning into that rarest of things: a commercial and ecological success. Our 2,000 mile network of canals and rivers thrived on…

The Jubilee Sailing Trust is offering one lucky person the chance to sail round the Canary Islands for a week onboard one of their square riggers