Even clipped on, you can still go over the side. Chris Beeson finds out how a few simple changes can help us to move safely on deck

Sea breeze

On a day of light winds, taking advantage of the sea breeze can make all the difference to a coastal passage, says Ken Endean


As skipper of the amateur crew of Uniquely Singapore, Jim Dobie handled MOBs and knockdowns in Force 12 winds during the Clipper Round the World Race 2009-10

Anchor under sail

Can you set and weigh anchor under sail, without turning the ignition key? Tom Cunliffe demonstrates a handy cruising skill


How to take a tow It has been said with justification that we learn more from our own mistakes than from any manual, and when it comes to towing, I’d…


Tom Cunliffe explains the mechanics of gybing, what can go wrong, and shows you how to perform a flawless, fearless gybe every time

Riding turn

The riding turn - iIt happens to all of us, and usually when there's a tack imminent. Tim Bartlett explains how to tackle a sheet jammed on a winch