Skipper’s Cockpit Navigation Guide book jacket

Skipper’s Cockpit Navigation Guide is useful for crew members of different abilities and a useful aide-memoire for everyone on board, particularly if some systems are unfamiliar, says Julia Jones

The Brilliant Abyss book jacket

The Brilliant Abyss is a beautifully written and highly engaging book which takes the reader to the depths of the sea bed, says Julia Jones

A River in Borneo book jacket

Richard Woodman's fictional swansong, A River in Borneo, is a gripping page turner set in Malaysian and Indonesian waters during the 19th century. It is Woodman at his best, says…

The Dinghy Cruising Companion (2nd edition) book jacket

The Dinghy Cruising Companion is a beautifully written account for both yachtsmen and dinghy sailors, evoking the romance and solitude of sailing, says Julia Jones

South by Ernest Shackleton

South by Ernest Shackleton covers the long slow death of Endurance As the search begins for the wreck of Endurance in Antarctica, YM's literary contributor Julia Jones explains why she…

Boats Yet Sailing Book Jacket

Trevor Boult shares the joy of sailing a range of vessels in his readable memoir, Boats Yet Sailing, write Julia Jones