Life inside a liferaft

The November 2007 issue of YM contains advice on how to cope with life in a liferaft. Before putting pen to paper, technical editor Chris Beeson took a yacht from…

Mike Golding sails Gipsy Moth IV

Round the world yachtsman Mike Golding, leaves ECOVER behind and sails Sir Frances Chichester's yacht Gipsy Moth IV in the Solent. To see what he thought, read the November 2008…

Fan Class 32

Video of our boat test featured in the September 2009 issue

Regina 40

Video of our 24 hour test in Sweden featured in the August 2009 issue


Chris Beeson visits the RNLI to test 12 of the latest lifejackets, from £60-£280. Read the full test in the July 2009 issue of Yachting Monthly

Alerion 28

Yachting Monthly's preview of the Alerion 28 Express, the day boat and weekender for the hassle free sailor.